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Biographie Characteristics and types of chicken cages

Generally, laying hen cages can be divided into full-step cages, half-step cages, stacked cages, step-mixed cages and flat-type cages according to the cage-shaped generalization or assembly method.

Full-step chicken hen cage

The cages on the upper base layer do not overlap in the vertical direction, so that the feces in each layer can fall into the lowermost ditch, and then the floor scraper cleaning device installed in the ditch will remove Manure is cleared out of the coop.

Half stepped egg cages

The upper and lower cages have some stacks, and the stacking amount can reach 1/2 to 1/3 of the cage depth. The top net of the basic cage is made oblique to facilitate the installation of the faecal support plate. After the air-dried feces accumulated in the upper layer is air-dried, it will fall into the ditch below the cage. This method is most commonly used for breeding and breeding cages produced in China. The half-step chicken cage has a small floor area and the feeding density is higher than the full-step chicken cage.

Overlay chicken cages

Each layer of chicken cages overlaps in the vertical direction, there is a horizontal manure receiving device under the bottom of each cage, and the chicken manure can be delivered to each row of chickens by a scraper manure cleaner or a conveyor type manure cleaner. At one end of the cage, the chicken manure is sent out of the house by a lateral spiral manure scraper. The small overlapping chicken cage can be manually cleared. Mechanization is easy to implement for feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure and collecting eggs.

The advantages of overlapping cages are high house feeding density, generally 16-18 / m3 for three floors, and 18-20 / m3 for four floors, which makes each chicken's civil investment lower and labor productivity higher. The disadvantages are that the vertical ventilation between the layers is poor, the environmental conditions of each layer of the chicken cage are greatly different, and the environmental control of the chicken house is required.

Step-and-layer hybrid chicken cage

It is staggered with the upper and lower cages, and the middle and lower cages overlap. The top cage of the lower cage is provided with a manure-receiving plate. The manure can be pushed in by hand to make the feces fall or Use mechanical scraper to remove.

Horizontal laying chicken cage

Only one layer of chicken cage, each two rows of chicken cages are installed back to back, using a feeding trough, a sink and an egg belt, chicken droppings can be dropped directly to the ground, drinking and cleaning equipment and stepped chicken cages the same. The horizontal chicken cage does not need to set up a corridor, so its feeding density is higher than that of the full-step type, but feeding, drinking water, manure removal and eggs must be fully mechanized. Therefore, the machinery and equipment used must be reliable and highly dependent on electricity. ,The consequences could be disastrous.

Except for these, there are also A Type Chicken Cage and H Type Chicken Cage. And some other equipments are required as well for a slaughter or a farm, such as incubator, broiler floor raising equipment, etc. 
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