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Biographie A glimpse on the robotic vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuums bring a new cleaning style to the table: effortless vacuuming, so if you want to cut down the chore load and have more time for relaxing, buying one might be the right choice. Even though a robotic vacuum’s suction power is not as strong as a traditional one, it can go a long way toward helping you keep your house clean. If you are considering buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, here’s what you need to know.


Robotic vacuums can provide plentiful features that make them stand out even with some of the most popular human-maneuvered vacuums. Based on lots of vacuum cleaner reviews, these following features should be aware of if you consider buying one.


A nimble navigator is one of the most important elements that make a good robot vacuum. Most of the robovacs include several types of sensors that allow them to navigate the surroundings for example bump sensors, wall sensors, cliff sensors, and optical encoders. These sensors together made up the robot’s navigation system which determines how much floor area your bot can cover. The simplest system combining collision, wheel, brush and cliff sensors can be found in budget robot vacuums will bounce between obstacles to find the way and seem to miss lots of open space. The visual navigation system with an additional optical lens performs better cleaning coverage, however, it can’t generate properly in darkness. Meanwhile, the laser navigation uses lidar to sense and actively scan the environment hence to extremely effective floor covering. Lastly, the hybrid system, the combination of three systems above, hasn’t appeared on many models lately but seems promising with the ability to identify objects like shoes, clothes or pile of toys.

Suction power

Robovacs are weaker than traditional vacuums in deep cleaning, based on plenty of best vacuum cleaners on the market. However, the convenience and improvement in cleaning behaviors of these bots have been blurring their flaws. Despite there being carpet cleaning, hardwood floors cleaning or corners cleaning, robot vacuums with side brushes can help tackle tons of dust and debris of your house daily.

Cleaning cycle

A robot vacuum can automatically go back to its docking station for a recharge. Normally the robovacs’s battery life lasts about 60 minutes to 120 minutes for 1-time charging. It can recharge and go back to work again to finish the cleaning cycle if the area is too big. Be aware that the robot can easily get stuck because of cords, low-clearance furniture, toys, or clothes, so preparing your floors before vacuuming can result in a shorter and more efficient cleaning cycle.

Advanced features

In addition to basic features, lots of robovacs present smarter ones like self-empty dust bin, interactive map, companion smartphone app, no-go lines, etc. Keep these in mind and you can find numerous solid choices with a great deal for a good vacuum cleaner.

Price range

Since the market is becoming more vibrant with numerous brands and all kinds of models for your option, a robotic vacuum costs you from $160 to over $1000. Some of the Top 10 vacuum cleaners on the market you can take into consideration as Roomba, Samsung, LG, Roborock, Eufy, Ecovacs, iLife, and Black & Decker.

Spending on a robot vacuum promises a profitable investment, especially for pet owners, since the machine works automatically and daily, never gets distracted or tired of cleaning. This time-saver will keep your home clean before you ever noticed and all you need to do is set it then forget it. It’s easier than you thought to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner with a feasible price.


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